Via the Why Is This Interesting newsletter, here’s a link to an interview with DJ Shadow in 1997, right after he’d released Endtroducing… and while he was working on the first UNKLE album. It’s very focused on his technique with the MPC-60, an early sampler and drum machine from the late 80’s and how he got the machine to do what he wanted it to do; it sounds like creating an album with a Speak ‘N’ Spell.

So there’s a part in that song where I wanted to use a trumpet solo from one of the versions, but it was wildly out of time, even though it was in tune. So I had to chop out the pieces of it, every third of a second or so, and put each piece on its own pad in the MPC. Then, using the fade in/fade out function at the beginning and end of the samples, I had to morph them all together.

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