Jen and I watched all six episodes of Hawkeye on New Year’s Eve and I enjoyed them immensely. It’s got a good mix of humor and drama and does a good job of showing how much wear and tear the non-super superheroes absorb when they’re saving the world. It’s a loose adaptation of the Matt Fraction comic run that I enjoyed; I liked how much they humanized the characters (Hawkeye wears a hearing aid due to all of the explosions and battles he’s been in the middle of) and enjoyed the cameos toward the end. We definitely need to watch Black Widow and catch up on things.

* * *

The first episode of The Book of Boba Fett was good too. It was basically just table-setting; I wasn’t expecting to be thrown into a wacky adventure out of the gate, so I don’t agree with the reviews I read that panned it. I’m looking forward to seeing where they take this.

* * *

We had some technological issues finding it, but we also watched the Return to Hogwarts special. (We have HBO through Hulu, and it was not available there, so I had to log in to Hulu on my laptop, run an HDMI cable from that to the TV, and mirror my screen because it blanked out when I tried to use AirPlay. Wasn’t that easy?)

The special was good; most of the good stuff has already been leaked to the press so there wasn’t anything new or interesting to hear about. It’s 2 hours long, and I’d say 1/3 of that was clips from the movies. But it was great to see the cast and hear them talk about their experiences and see how much they enjoy being around each other. It made me miss the movies all over again. Who’s up for another visit to the Wizarding World?

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