I was a good soldier and took my cold medicine and got lots of sleep in the week before Thanksgiving, and actually made it up there in good shape. I think perhaps going from steam heat to forced hot air made my sinuses mad again and I came back with the same cough. Since then I’ve been sucking down the gold syrup during the day and the green before bedtime, and I’m just now beginning to get through the day without blowing my nose constantly. I think a weekend of good sleep and exercise will have me back at 100% by next week.

One of our Advent activities this year is snowboarding with Zachary, with a date set for next Friday. I downloaded the rental forms from the resort to fill out ahead of time and ordered a new set of snow pants for Finn to wear from Amazon. Next up is buying tickets. I think she can use a pair of my gloves instead of buying another $50 pair from the pro shop. We still have to work out transport logistics with Zachary but I’m looking forward to another good day on the slopes with my bros!

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