Craigslist can be hit or miss for selling gear these days. I’ve posted things that have sold in hours, and I’ve reposted certain items month over month with absolutely no response. Sometimes the time of year factors in, but I can never tell when some stuff is going to be hot. I’ve had a Yakima bike rack posted since I bought its replacement, on and off this summer with little interest. Sunday morning I got an email from a woman who just bought a Jeep Wrangler and needed this very rack. Within 24 hours I was showing her how to strap it to her spare tire. She drove away smiling and I walked away $50 richer. The same morning I got an email asking about a camera lens I’ve posted since 2019, and I’ve got a time set up to meet her on Saturday. I’ll be happy to send that one off to a good home, and happier still to pocket the cash.

Life has been pretty quiet around here otherwise. I get up and take Hazel for a walk in the morning, trying to find a different version of the same route to keep things interesting. We then take a short walk with the neighbor to give her some controlled proximity to other dogs. After making coffee and rustling up some breakfast, I start my workday, and I don’t move much until dinnertime.

I have been so thankful since the pandemic started for having built out the front porch into an office with its own bathroom back in 2008. Having seen some of my co-workers’ office situations—people still working from bedrooms, kitchens, closets, and basements a year and a half after the lockdown—we are blessed to have a dedicated space away from the noise of the house with desks and power and storage. It’s looking like we’ll be remote until at least the end of the year, so I’m going to hunt for a better desk chair when I go on sabbatical at the end of this month. There’s a guy on CL who has a bunch of Mirra chairs for a good price; I’ll see if any of them are worth buying, and finally retire my $70 IKEA chair. I think my lower back will thank me.

Meanwhile, the Scout is parked in a driveway in Annapolis waiting on some bearing work. I caught up with Erick and gave him the scoop on the truck, and hopefully he can get her sorted out in time for the big trip west next week. Otherwise I’m going to have to hitch a ride with Bennett or Brian…

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