As of Monday morning, I’ve got the west, south, and east sides sprayed out. All of the eaves on the west and south sides are scraped and painted, and all of the windows save two have been cleaned up and painted. The lift is back in the driveway, waiting for pickup. I’ve used five gallons of paint so far, and forecast at least another two before the house is complete (the garage will be next). The next phases are going to be a little more complicated:

  • Crawling out onto the roof of the new bathroom to hit the peak on the east side, as well as scraping and painting the eaves up there
  • Pulling the shutters off the front of the house and spraying the siding on the second floor
  • power washing the front of the house
  • Building a platform over the front porch to make it easy to scrape and paint the eaves
  • Ladder work to spray out the first floor of the front porch
  • Finally, some creative and tricky ladder work to spray out the siding on the southeast corner, where the garage, electrical wires, and shitty geometry all conspire to make painting next to impossible.

What I Did With My Summer Vacation.
(August 2005)

I think my focus will be on the front to get things cleaned up as soon as possible before I worry about the back, and frankly I’d like to be off a swaying boom lift for as long as it takes to get my land legs back.

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