Jen and I took advantage of a snowy Sunday morning to get our seedlings started after a breakfast of homemade pancakes. Having already set up a better light stand, I went out and bought a pair of new seedling trays and a variety pack of heirloom tomato seeds. This year we’re doing Amish Paste, Beefsteak, Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Roma, Large Cherry, & Yellow Plum Tomatoes, as well as Italian Flat Leaf & Thai basil. There should be at least 10 seedlings to choose from for each variety, which will be more than enough to fill our containers.

Along with the seeds I got an outdoor timer for the grow lights and set up heating pads and the lights downstairs.

Other than that, and an afternoon walk with Hazel, I didn’t do a damn thing on Sunday until the Super Bowl, which was, as usual, underwhelming. I was sad to see Frat Bro win yet another ring and the Tampa Bay defense run over the Chiefs; Mahomes tried to do everything he could but he’s only one man, and he didn’t get much help from the rest of the team. The highlight was live-texting back and forth with Mom, Renie and Jen up until the third quarter when we all saw the writing on the wall and gave up on it.

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