The Baltimore County School Board held an online board meeting last night, which we were not aware of until this morning. Our neighbor listened in and told us it was a complete disaster; apparently the officials on the call didn’t really answer any questions and were evasive when pressed on important details like how kids would be kept safe and healthy and plans for the fall semester. I’m waiting for them to post the whole thing online so I can listen for myself, but given all the chaos we endured last fall with the system being hacked, I’m not confident.

Update 5:49PM: still not posted.

The school system has had its share of leadership issues over the last couple of years, with the last superintendent indicted for perjury and overcrowding for decades—in 2016 it was the 25th largest district in the country—so I understand they have a fair share of problems. But they’ve also had a year to come up with a plan, or maybe a set of plans for different contingencies, and we’ve heard nothing from them that inspires any sort of confidence.

As mentioned before, our Governor has decided that Maryland kids need to go back to hybrid learning by no later than March 1, citing “a growing consensus” in the state and across the country. Whose consensus is that? Is it from the Red states? Or the Red counties within my state? Because fuck them. As I’ve also mentioned here, my daughter’s mental health is one of the most important things to me in the world,  but the reality is that I’m still immunocompromised. Hopkins says for me to go get the vaccine somewhere else, but how do I explain I’ve got no white blood cells without a letter from my doctor? Do I need that letter, or will I wind up getting cuffed as I leave the building like this Canadian fuckwit and his wife?


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