I’ve had about ten different tabs open in my browser for the past week, which usually means they contain something interesting and it’s probably time to share them. Here goes:

That last line is worth repeating: “Blogging is an essential tool toward meditating over an extended period of time on a subject you consider to be important.”

  • I don’t know how I’ve overlooked this for so long, but Hype Machine is an aggregator of new music websites that posts interesting new stuff to listen to every day.
  • We saw Soul on Friday night. It was good—as usual, Pete Docter (writer/director of Wall-E, Up and Inside Out) takes a big, adult concept and makes a warm, human-centered movie out of it. My only complaint is that it felt rushed compared to other Pixar movies—a lot happens and they speed through it all quickly. It could have benefited from a little more time throughout to breathe and let the character beats settle. Still—recommended. Here’s the song Just Us, which ran over the credits, but which I really loved:

  • Finally, we saw the movie Uncle Frank on Saturday evening: a gay man in New York returns to South Carolina for his father’s funeral in 1973; along with him for the ride are his niece and boyfriend. Finley needs more gay uncles like these.
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  1. Derek says:

    Hey, that Rare Historical Photos website is excellent. Bit of a tangent, but on another forum I frequent, there was discussion of how “proportionately” WW2 citizens of each country were affected by the war. This link to the Dresden fire bombing backs up that regular German citizens were more (or at least “as much”) affected than many other countries:


    On that happy note,
    Cheers for now.


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