We got about three to four inches of snow that packed down to two inches of snow/sleet/snow overnight. I didn’t bother going out and shoveling anything yesterday because I knew it was supposed to continue until sometime in the early morning. Instead of taking Hazel on a slippery walk—she wasn’t interested in being out in the snow for long anyway—I put boots on and got Dad’s old coal shovel out to chisel off the walk before work. In the afternoon Finley did the driveway and I finished off the apron to the road.

I will cop to the fact that I spiked a second cup of coffee with Bailey’s when I came back inside. We’ve got the fixins for homemade Bailey’s on standby in the pantry—with whiskey left over from the wedding—because that shit is expensive.

I was supposed to have snow-going boots from Nordstrom Rack by now; I found a set of Sperry duck boots on deep discount and ordered them before Thanksgiving, but still have not seen them on our doorstep. They are being shipped via USPS, and while I stand in solidarity with our overworked, underpaid and barely appreciated postal service, I must say their tracking system sucks. They are currently somewhere between Washington D.C. and here, with no estimate on delivery. Meanwhile I’m wearing 12-year-old Keen lowtop boots whose soles have been reglued to the uppers twice.

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  1. Derek says:

    Hey, I’m a little late but thanks for the link to the homemade Baileys recipe. Shared it with my wife (a big Baileys fan!) and we made it today. She has now sent the recipe to a bunch of her friends.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.
    Lets hope 2021 is a huge improvement on 2020!

    Derek, in Ottawa

  2. idiotking says:

    Ha ha, you’re welcome Derek! We found it’s a little heavy on the almond flavor and when I make the second batch we’ll probably dial that back a bit and add a little more chocolate—side by side, Bailey’s has more of that flavor than this recipe.

    Happy holidays to you too!

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