I’m sitting in my Mom’s living room sipping on a Genessee Cream Ale, enjoying the pursuit of doing nothing important for the day. We did go out and clean out her flowerpots, and we wound up her hoses and brought them inside, and we also moved her outside furniture into the garage. The big thing we did was divide Dad’s ashes up into smaller amounts on the front porch, and seal a bunch of them up into an urn so that we can inter him at the church in Aurora tomorrow. Mom has a spot set up for him in a columbarium facing the lake, where he’ll be steps away from their old house.

After we stick him in the wall, we’re going to scatter some of his ashes in the lake, maybe some in the garden of the old house (if the renter isn’t home), then drive up to the farm and scatter the remainder of the bag in the field behind the house. I’ve got four containers that I think I’m going to bring to the beach. Some of my best memories with him are of the beach, throwing us in the waves, wearing his floppy yellow hat, and I have had a love of the beach ever since.

* * *

The verdict on the AirPods Pro: Worth the money. I called Jen this evening with them, and the sound was crisp and clear. She was able to hear the noise I was making with Finn’s whittling knife two feet away from my ears.

* * *

I’ve been needing new glasses for a while now; a month ago I put a big scratch across the left lens that has been bugging me ever since. I went to Warby Parker and reordered my current frame/lens combo and was disappointed to learn that my prescription was six months expired. Not all that keen on doing an in-person eye exam, I called and asked if I could bypass the prescription. They told me no, but I could do an online eye checkup (!?!) that could get me through until a new exam was possible. I downloaded the app to my phone, logged in to the website, and it stepped me through a rough exam for both eyes. I’m supposed to hear something from them in the next 12 hours, and I hope it’s good news, because I would love to have new glasses.

In the meantime, I did some investigation and found that I could order prescription safety glasses and from what it looks like, I wouldn’t need to give them a current prescription.

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