This is where we stand on Sunday evening. New beadboard paneling is up on the ceiling, nailed and glued over the old paper/asbestos tile, and the original crown molding is back in place over the edges. Once Jen figured out a way for the three of us to put it up together, we had the whole thing done in about an hour.


The rest of the weekend has been endless painting, caulking, sanding, cutting and trimming of new wood (the door to the office has a wood surround for the first time since 2010 or so), vacuuming, and more painting. We’re at the point where Kilz has done all it can, so we’ll order a gallon of semigloss for the ceiling and another gallon of high gloss for the woodwork and get some final paint on the whole thing. Jen has a fantastic idea for flooring that won’t require carpeting but will make things look good. And we have new window cranks on order from Home Depot to replace the broken mechanicals we inherited.

It’s come a long way in three weeks, and we’re pretty excited about what happens next…

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