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On Jalopnik, Andrew Collins (fellow Scout owner) writes an appreciation of The Second-Gen Honda CR-V. Because Jalopnik’s commenting system is such a giant bag of dicks, I couldn’t log in with one of the four accounts it’s made me create over the years to add my opinion, but my love of our CR-V is well documented here.

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Hooray! a bunch of the writers from Deadspin have come together and stood up an Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog for the next couple of days. I hope they are able to keep it going.

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“In my mind, it’s been in maintenance mode the last eight years,” says Aaron Patzer, the founder of Mint who accepted Intuit’s offer, found himself tasked with improving Quicken, and then left the company in 2012.

I used Mint for several years and found it super-helpful for a top-level overview of finances and money flows. Fast Company does a little shallow digging into why it’s stalled out.

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Open Culture has a great list of Free Online Data Science Courses to look over; there are a bunch in here that I’m going to check out.

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According to 2010 census data, the surname Dugan is ranked 1,679th out of all names in the United States. Put another way, there are a little more than 7 people per 100,000 who share my last name, or 21,455 other people in this country. (via StarTribune.com)

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I bought this shirt for Jen ten years ago because I loved the design; it didn’t fit her well so she didn’t wear it much. Finley claimed it a year or two ago and loves it, and that makes it even better.

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