I got a very nice call from a lady in Maine a few days ago, who let me know my LL Bean field watch was repaired and that she needed my debit card info to pay for things and send it back. Apparently the repair tech found a crystal that was compatible and put all the parts back together. Happily, I completed the transaction, and yesterday a package arrived on our doorstep. This is what came out of the plastic bag when I opened things up:

Obviously, there’s been a terrible mistake. I don’t think I’m going to be able to read this watch when it’s on my wrist. So I’ve got two choices: I can send it back to LL Bean to see if they can set things right, which will take another week or two, or I can see if the guy in Union Station with the little watch repair stand can open the case and spin the movement 40˚ for me.

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