Here’s the sink cabinets cut, installed, and anchored to each other and the wall. I started with the left side, got the access holes cut, notched the bottom, and set it in place over the piping. Then I put the middle cabinet in and attached that to the left side. After leveling it, I measured the right cabinet and cut the access holes. Jen helped me settle it in place, and I leveled them all off, anchored them to each other, and then to the wall behind. I have to clean up the shims at the bottom and install the kick plate, and then I can finish off the sill cover over the threshold and call that part done.

Next up is putting the kickplate platform under the linen closet and setting it and the other two cabinets into place. When those are done I can measure for the countertops and go find a toilet to install, as well as finish off all the kickplates around the perimeter of the floor.

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