The giant patches of dirt spread across our lawn have started sprouting grass over the last couple of days, which is a relief. I’d been able to water 80% of it about 60% of the time the week it was laid down, but we’ve been living though about a month without rain, so a lot of that moisture evaporated as it came out of the sprinkler. The other issue is that there are a lot of distant small patches that are hard to cover unless you’re out there all afternoon moving the sprinkler around, and I don’t have that ability. With the rain we’ve gotten the last two weeks, things have finally stayed damp and the seed has started sprouting. It’s nice to look out there and see things becoming green again. It appears that the new gutter drainage seems to be working, although I’m going to need to shore up the erosion around its edges when the rest of the grass comes in.

We’ve got the driveway folks coming next week to dig up and lay down pavement, which is exciting! Especially as I’m seeing the tracks of runoff from the front gutters pointing directly at the front of the garage. I’m ready to clean that whole side of the house up and deal with the water over there once and for all. And, to have a solid driveway to work on/ride bikes on/rake leaves on/walk on will be heavenly.

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