It was Finley’s birthday yesterday!


We had a friend of Finn’s come over to stay the night, and took the girls out for dinner. Sunday morning Jen made pancakes for breakfast while I took Hazel out to the Lowe’s for supplies. Once we finished eating the girls did their thing until noon, and then we drove into Ellicott City for Finn’s surprise: we made truffles at Sweet Cascades.


The owner, a lovely lady named Sue, had us blow up balloons to made chocolate bowls. Then, we scooped ganache from a bowl and rolled truffles, using a variety of other candies and ingredients to flavor them.


Then we dipped everything in more chocolate and decorated them, which was great fun.


We wrapped up our creations and put them in our bowls, then headed back home, completely stuffed. Mama and I enjoyed the  huge smile on Finley’s face the whole time.

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