We’re getting our money out of the pool membership so far this summer. We brought Christi and Glenn and the kids on Friday and had a hard time getting them out of the water. Finn went off and swam with her friends while Bear floated around the pool on a trio of noodles, and Ruby splashed in the baby pool for most of the morning.


In the late evening the skies finally darkened and we were chased out of the water by some thunder, but we hung around and got another 20 minutes in with the lights on until they started closing down. We were the last families out the door and had two very tired, very upset kids to say goodbye to in the parking lot.

Bathroom Progress: Closet installed, electrical finished

Saturday morning my neighbor stopped over and we spent three hours sweating in the new bathroom; he got the rest of the electrical work completed and I hung the new closet door. At this point it’s roughed into place—I still need to drive the nails in all the way—but I need some more shims to make sure I’m not bending the casing halfway up the sides. I also got the floor heat computer initialized and programed for basic morning heat, and then copied that to the rest of the week. I can’t tell you what a big achievement that feels like; the door looks good in place (and when I get the casing installed it will look even better) and it’s lovely to have a working light in the shower.

After that was done we headed back to the pool and met up with a number of friends from the neighborhood. It was the perfect way to spend a brutally hot afternoon: floating in the deep end with a bunch of adults, listening to the kids splash around on their own, sipping on an illicit beer.

* * *

Jen and I binge-watched the first four episodes of Stranger Things last night until 1:30AM (!!!) and we are enjoying the new season immensely. The writers acknowledge that their characters are getting older and are using the idea that some aren’t growing up as fast as their friends in the storyline as well as some unusual character pairings to shake things up. And the 80’s fashion callbacks and music cues are spot-on. I think we would have stayed up later to watch more but wisely went to bed much later than either of us is used to.

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