Huh. How have I missed Locast all these years? It’s a way to watch local broadcast TV over broadband networks. Apparently the major networks are trying to sue them out of existence, which makes little sense to me in the long run, but for right now it’s a nice way to watch local news (such as it is) in bed on my laptop.

On a related note, our 7-year-old TV doesn’t support Audio Return Channel, which as I understand things means we can’t watch broadcast digital TV on our existing A/V setup. But I have to do some more digging.

And on another related note, looking at that 7-year old TV post, I’d forgotten to revisit Serviio as a media player for all the content on the server in the basement after I switched from the old G5 tower to an Intel box. iTunes can be slow and laggy; apparently there’s a way to get Roku to talk to Serviio. This too requires some more research.

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