With the introduction of a pool membership, the 5th of July got a lot cooler this year. We woke late, scratched some food together, and broke down the remainder of the parade gear outside. The prehung closet door for the bathroom arrived at about 10:30 and I had them lean it up against the front porch until Glen and Christi stopped over, and then he and I horsed it up the stairs and into the bathroom with only a few dings in the wall.

After some pizza we mobilized to the pool through some spitty rainshowers, and apart from some dark clouds here and there it didn’t rain in earnest until 8PM or so. The impending threat of rain and the holiday weekend made for a smaller crowd. We all stayed in the pool as long as possible, and the water was warm and refreshing. Our neighbors had a bunch of leftover food and invited us to help them eat it, which was lovely, and we were the last folks out the door at 9PM.

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