Saturday was a pretty boring day of working around the house (getting stuff hauled to the dump, running errands, cleaning up the yard, using the chainsaw to cut up the rounds in the backyard, sweating our butts off, etc.) and at about 3PM or so I crashed hard. I’ve got a lot less stamina than I’m used to, and that’s taking some getting used to. I actually napped for about a half an hour in the afternoon, which is pretty rare for me.

Sunday we continued cleaning up the yard, adding mulch under the swingset and to the bed next to the driveway where the rhododendron  used to live, cleaning the house, etc. At about 3 we stopped and headed to the pool, where we met up with Christi and Glenn and the kids and got in the gloriously warm water. Later, we talked with a bunch of different friends who dropped in to cool off, and Finn had a new set of kids to play with. The evening was cool and slightly breezy, and as dusk  settled it thinned out. We stayed until they started turning the lights off at 9 and said goodbye to a tearful Bear in the parking lot. I’d say that pool membership was money well spent. 

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  1. JLo says:

    Since I know you use these posts to keep track of things, you passed out after lunch at 1 and slept for an hour and a half. When you woke up you wanted to go to the pool, and prep for that landed us there around 4.

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