I’ve had a film called Columbus in my Netflix account for several months now. I read a glowing review back in 2017 and liked the sound of the movie (synopsis from IMDB):

A Korean-born man finds himself stuck in Columbus, Indiana, where his architect father is in a coma. The man meets a young woman who wants to stay in Columbus with her mother, a recovering addict, instead of pursuing her own dreams.

What that doesn’t say is that the movie takes its time to quietly develop, something I respect in this day of careening storylines. It’s an intensely personal movie about the relationships between parents and children, and respects the personalities and the stories of its characters. The director uses the visual backdrop of Columbus, Indiana, to frame his narrative. The city became a center of modernist architecture through a visionary foundation founded in 1954, and is the home of seven National Historic Landmarks. I highly recommend it.

* * *

Meanwhile, I found some cheap DVDs and a game at the thrift store last weekend; three of the seven Harry Potter expanded editions (we lent our box set to the daughter of some friends and haven’t seen it since), and Children of Men. I found an Xbox360 version of Halo: ODST and got it for $1.50. It loads and plays on my Xbox but it’s easy to tell it’s 10 years old. That having been said, I’m enjoying it so far—I’ve been a Bungie fan since the Marathon days, and their studio voice is all over this game.

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