Saturday afternoon we made time to run to a showroom to look over some cabinetry for the new bathroom. After perusing all of the styles and colors, we settled on a nice white design that’s not too far away from the kitchen pattern, and will look good with the tile/wall combination. My big concern has always been cost, and after the consultant drew up some plans that we both liked, he clicked and clacked on his calculator and showed us a number that made me sigh with relief.

Then we did the same for the front wall, which will have a large cabinet for linens on the left and two lower cabinets under a counter for other items, with a cutout for a chair in between. We hemmed and hawed over the placement and drawer setup, because the windows are lower than standard counter height, but I think we settled on something everyone likes. I braced for a much larger price tag but after he clicked and clacked I sighed with relief again.

Don’t judge based on these shitty scans of shitty prints; I think it’ll look really good when they’re in there. The cabinet brand we’re going with is one our friend Brian recommended, and it’s quality stuff. It’ll even have fancy soft-close hardware, which I’m told is an HGTV requirement.

So I applied for a home equity loan and we’re waiting to hear back from the bank on that. With the balance of that loan we have the room to do a bunch more things (or one big project) and Jen and I talked over a couple of possibilities:

  • New dining room windows to replace the outside pair and the inside pair, which are still roughed in.
  • A new gutter on the roof of the new bathroom, which wasn’t replaced with the main roof and is a sagging, clogging wreck
  • Caps on the other gutters so I don’t have to climb up and possibly fall off and break my neck
  • Some kind of heat source in the kitchen
  • Siding: we’re dealing with the original sheathing on this house, which is solid 3/4″ wood, covered in ancient crumbling tarpaper, then covered in cedar shake. Over that is the aluminum siding, which dates back to the Johnson administration, I’d wager. Having the house wrapped in Tyvek and covering it in a faux-shake siding would go a long way to lowering our energy bills, making the interior feel more cozy, and improving the curb appeal of the house.
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