I’m dragging today. A great birthday night last night + a bad night’s sleep = unfocused bleary Idiot.

However, I did reserve a beachfront house in Delaware for a week in July with the Morrises, which makes me happy; this might be the first time in four years we’ve had something reserved this early, and the first time we’ve been beachside in three years. Now, if I can keep my GI tract from backing up like a faulty toilet, the family will be able to enjoy itself for the entire vacation.

We also got confirmation that we are official members of one of the neighborhood pools (the good one, not the snooty one). This involved waiting on a list for a year and a half, and purchasing a bond so that we can come and go as we please. As much as I don’t want to show my pasty white skin to the rest of the neighborhood (or show off my scar), I can’t wait to put a morning’s worth of work in on the house, rinse myself off, and then go jump in the pool for the rest of the afternoon. And Finn will be able to go with her friends whenever she likes.


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