Here’s the north side of the greenhouse, right after I started pulling the 15-year-old plastic off the top section. It’s hard to see here, but it was all green with algae and moss and dirt. I’d actually washed it off last spring but the plastic is so old at this point the dirt just built right back up and made it look like crap. I’ve already torn the wall plastic off at this point.


Here’s the side with no plastic at all.


I put the top section on first so that I could get up on a ladder and do the spine, then worked my way down the sides.


This is the finished north side. Luckily the footer here is in decent enough shape that I’m going to leave it alone. I also ripped out all of the foam wall padding left over from the orchid house so that we’re getting 180˚ of sunlight at all times.


Here’s the South side; I actually did this side first thing in the morning, and the sheet they cut for me was so big I was able to use one piece from the spine all the way down to the footer.


After I got the plastic up, I did some reorganizing inside. This year the tables will be in the center to give the plants as much height as possible. I tore out all of the irrigation piping and put the third table along the north wall (left side in the photo above) for storage; I think we’re at the point when metal shelving might be a better solution for all of the pots and gear we’ve got stacked over there. All of this doesn’t look like a lot of work, but my ass was thoroughly kicked by the time I was done.

Next up: replace the footer under the front door with a single piece of wood, rebuild the rain barrel platform, and start buying soil for the bins.

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