I put this up on Instagram but I was so proud of what it looked like this morning I took another picture and now that’s here. This is is the result of about 4 good hours of woodworking, which was made up of 2 hours of squaring all of the weird framing and 2 hours of cutting and fitting. I still need a bottom plate for underneath the sill and finishing trim, and I have to recut the rounded trim at the top of the three wall plates (I cut it about 4 inches too short). Once I’ve got those pieces I can assemble the top moulding and put that in–it’s always easier to install that as a whole–and caulk the whole thing up. I also studded out the doorway to the closet to prep it for framing, which I can maybe start next weekend.

Meanwhile Brian is here today to (hopefully) finish the tile on the bottom of the wall, put the top of the bench in, and possibly get the floor tile installed. He should be able to come back and grout the whole thing later this week, and we’ll be that much closer to complete in there!

* * *

We went to see Captain Marvel this weekend, which was pretty good but not the best Marvel movie I’ve seen. Finn enjoyed it. There were several places where female empowerment were FRONT AND CENTER, which I love to be able to show her. I enjoyed those messages but I thought the movie overall was somewhat disjointed and rushed. There were several moments of character-building but most of that got pushed aside for PEW-PEW-PEW-BOOM action fights staged in the dark that I really couldn’t see. Grade: C+

* * *
I got a text from the Radio guy asking me about some woodworking questions on Saturday, and we had a conversation about technique and materials. I asked him if he had a tube tester and he does, so I offered him a six-pack for a half an hour of testing. During the conversation I’d  mentioned that Baynesville Electronics got rid of their tester years ago. Baynesville was a huge family-owned electronics store north of Baltimore that stocked everything Radio Shack wished they could; they were always friendly and helpful and if they didn’t have it they could get it for you. I used to haul bags of tubes in there and check them on a dusty testing machine in the corner of the store, until one day it was gone. The salesman told me it had broken down and they just got rid of it, because nobody was using it anymore. I haven’t been up there in years, and while I was waiting for Finn to try on clothes at the Target, I thought to look them up online. Turns out the store closed up shop three years ago in the face of declining sales. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I admit it makes me sad.
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