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Well, I made it all the way to 47 before being called up for jury duty. Next month I’ve got to hump all the way up to Towson to (possibly) be part of a trial of some kind. The last time I was in a court was when I thought I was going to have to testify against a schizophrenic who stole an iPod out of my car; that was an enlightening but ultimately useless experience. 

We are due to get our first snow of 2019 this weekend; weather forecasting is spotty due to the government shutdown (turns out lots of meteorologists are federal employees, go figure) but they think we’ll get 2-3″ of snow over Saturday into Sunday. I would have preferred it during the week, but hell, I’ll take it. And I need to be in Baltimore on Monday morning for my 1-year oncological checkup on time, so I’d rather we get the roads cleared Sunday so there’s no traffic.   

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2 Responses to Time’s Up

  1. renie says:

    I was called for federal district court jury duty through all of August and the first week of September, overlapping neatly with our planned vacation at the beach. I asked to be excused that week and was (had I been on a case, they’d have used an alternate juror), but I never was called. Up side: not called! Down side: that only gets you out of it for a year, as opposed to three.

  2. The Idiot says:

    I’ll go up and deal with it, if only to avoid doing it for another three years. Hopefully it’ll be as anticlimactic as my last visit to the court.

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