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The Passage debuted on Fox this evening, the first reason Jen and I have had to sit in front of the television and watch network programming together in, oh, I don’t know, 5 years? (Football doesn’t count). Verdict: This version is to the original book as the TV miniseries was to It. The writers jammed so much of the setup into one hour, I didn’t stop to give a shit about any of the characters they introduced. Several rather important characters were removed. The actors did the best with what they had, but the direction is stilted and feels like they shot it all in two days. This would have been a prime candidate for a multi-season Game of Thrones style cable series, instead of boring fuckery like Westworld: season two tanked, in retrospect–where they could have opened things up and slowed them down to tell the story. This is network pap.

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