I’m a little rough around the edges this morning; I was out last night with a bunch of work friends saying farewell to a couple of coworkers and didn’t get home until midnight. We walked a few blocks away from the office and sat around a fire pit at a place called the Wundergarten, an outdoor beer garden surrounded by gleaming new highrise buildings in the H street district. 

Farewell Speech

Leaving WRI are two friends who predated me by a year or two;  I’m still shocked by the fact that I’ve been at WRI for over five years now. We warmed ourselves around the fire and told stories, and the second beer I had knocked me on my ass: some kind of seasonal winter beer that tasted more like whiskey and which someone told me was around 10% ABV. 

I miscalculated the schedule and missed the 9PM train, which meant I had to hang around Union Station until the 10:40, the last one headed north. I picked up a Shake Shack burger and fries and listened to podcasts until it was time to board. 

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