I shot the WRI board meeting dinner two weeks ago on the roof of a building with a commanding view of Capitol Hill. I thought I’d share some of those shots here.


I’m very proud of this shot and several other in the series; I used a 200mm long lens and shot from across the room to bring the Capitol dome and flag closer to our CEO (in actuality it’s a little under a half mile away from the roof we were on).


Here you can see the actual distance I was talking about above. This flag is 5’x8′ and we bought it specially for this event. It looked great up there.


This is a shot of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), who spoke at our dinner, and he was riveting. I wish he was a Maryland senator; I’d vote for him. I used the same technique as above to bring the Capitol closer.

Most of the other shots are people at the event who wouldn’t be interesting to any readers here, but the rest of the photoset is live on Flickr.

Sam Kass, Former White House Chef, Founder of TROVE and Venture Partner with Acre Venture Partners

This shot is from the New York event I shot back in September. It was set up in a long narrow room with lousy light and little room for movement. Once I had the camera dialed in with color, aperture and shutter speed settings, I set the timer for 10 seconds and held it aloft on my tripod with a 16-35mm wide angle lens.

The Food Waste Atlas

This shot was also taken with the same lens; in order to get the right angle on both tables and frame things correctly, the camera lens is, in reality, about four inches from the hand in the foreground. Wish I’d moved the coffee cup.

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