My brewing neighbor texted me from the homebrew store over the weekend. I had him pick up a kit for me and goaded him into setting a date, Tuesday after work, to finally get together and brew. As soon as I made it home I had the Scout packed with my gear and began setting up under the pavilion in his backyard at 7:30; by 10 I was pouring wort into my carboy and cleaning equipment. This batch is a Session IPA, which I’ve done before and enjoyed very much. I was hoping for a saison or maybe a bock for my second keg, but they didn’t have much selection in the premade kit inventory.

Meanwhile, over the weekend I racked the grapefruit IPA into a new carboy and dry-hopped it according to the recipe. I’m going to go a little easier on the grapefruit this time, as it was a tad strong the first time around, but otherwise the recipe is the same.

It will be a shock to have not one, but two beers on tap after a drought of over a year.

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