On Sunday I got up and used the electric edger to clean up the front yard of the house, which took about two hours to wrangle into shape. I was only going to take care of the front but wound up walking around the back and doing the whole thing because I couldn’t leave 18″ tall weeds alive under the picnic table. As with mowing the day before it kicked my ass and I was mostly worthless the rest of the day. It was supposed to rain all weekend according to the weather-guessers but never did (and still hasn’t).

We pulled one of the Indian Stripes off the vine on Sunday (the one pictured yesterday) and Jen cut it open for Finley’s lunch today. I had a small slice and it was amazing. We sliced a bunch of the cherry tomatoes up for a cucumber/tomato/onion salad yesterday and it was delicious. Meanwhile there’s a Dagma that is one day away from being pulled and two Paul Robesons that are turning color. I’m already hatching plans to replace the plastic on the greenhouse, and switch the broken heater out with a commercial fan of some kind. Maybe I can fit two rows of tomatoes in there and just plant one bin of cucumbers.

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