Tuesday I got up with Finn at 6:15 and took her on my morning walk through the neighborhood. I’m trying to do about a mile and a half every day to strengthen my legs and get some cardio going, and so far I’ve stuck with it for a couple of weeks. Usually Jen is with me but she had a terrible night’s sleep and elected to stay in bed. I can’t blame her. The heat has been brutal this week and we actually had a brief outage yesterday afternoon.

From there I hustled to the train and joined the morning mob into D.C. Work is good busy and there’s a lot of projects to keep me focused, as well as an intern I’m sharing with another director, so my days are stacked with meetings.

On the way to the train I stopped and grabbed a bite to eat so that I’d be ready to change as soon as I got home and take Finn out to the soccer field across the street for an hour of fundamentals. We sweated out in the sun and worked on ball control, dribbling, and some basic shooting. I wrapped it up with about 10 minutes of fast passing back and forth to try and work some of her shooting hesitation out. She’s doing better with it and I saw that she’s beginning to understand and follow the advice I’m giving her. At the end of an hour we walked back home and I shared half a chocolate cookie with her before she jumped in the shower.

While she was doing that I ran out back to check on my plants and gave them a good watering. It’s been unbearably hot the last couple of days and they were looking wilty so I doused them good and brought in a lovely ripe orange Oaxaca for tasting. Then I dragged our handcart inside to assist in swapping out a balky air conditioner from Jen’s room for the spare on the front porch. As it happened, we just carried it up the stairs together, and between the two of us it wasn’t bad at all.

By the time 9:00 rolled around, Finn was in bed and we were exhausted. I sat on the couch for about 45 minutes with Trixie nestled beside me and read quietly before heading up to pass out in bed.

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