The true fallout from the storm has now been tallied:

  • Our cable box was fried and needed to be replaced. The Verizon guy handled this for us yesterday. Thank god the TV is OK.
  • Our landline phone base station is fried and needs a replacement.
  • The HDMI switchbox controlling our media electronics died and has been replaced.
  • Our Airport Extreme base station is unresponsive. (I went back to using the Verizon router wifi).
  • An older 8-port Netgear router in the basement died and has been replaced with a noisier but robust 32-port Netgear switch I saved from the electronics dumpster at WRI. I have to look into replacing the fans on this unit.
  • The RJ-45 cable running from the AppleTV to the basement router is unresponsive; I’ve got to chase this down (or run a new one).

This is probably the worst loss of electronics we’ve suffered since we moved in, and it was only from a power loss. Obviously I’ve got to harden some of our crucial electronics (the server in the basement needs a new UPS unit, for one thing).

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