The weekend was kind of a blur, partially from activity and partially from sloth. Friday night Jen went out with a friend so Finn and I met the neighbors at the ice cream parlor for dinner. Then we got some pizza and headed back to their house to hang out for a while and have some real food before wrapping up the evening.

Saturday it threatened to rain all day, and the forecast kept pushing thunderstorms back throughout the morning and afternoon so Jen and I made the best of things. I was able to mow and edge the whole lawn for the first time since I bought the new mower, and it made a huge difference. We went out for a truckload of mulch and some more soil, and while Jen started mulching the beds I transplanted six cukes to a separate container and transferred 3/4 of a rainbarrel to the one behind the greenhouse. I did a bunch of other errands and yardwork until about 5, and then we had our niece and nephew over for steaks and corn and beer.

Sunday was pretty much a bust; it started and stopped drizzling all day until about 3, when the heavens opened up completely. I was doing work at my desk for most of the afternoon but nobody was very motivated.

It looks like the forecast for camping weekend looks good so far; partly cloudy for Friday and sunny on Sunday. Fingers crossed…


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