Peer Pressure is back in our driveway after a brief stay at the mechanic’s shop. As I predicted, the culprit was a missing rotor. The mechanic found a new one, popped it in, and she fired right back up.

* * *

I’m planning a camping trip for Finley, Zachary and myself on Father’s day weekend. I’ve got a campsite reserved in Nanticoke, on the Eastern Shore, where there’s a campground sitting right next to the Chesapeake Bay. It’s mainly set up for trailer lots but there are primitive tent sites in back, which is what we’re doing. I’m a little nervous because Zachary hasn’t been camping yet, so I want to make it fun for he and Finley so that we can make it a regular trip together.

I’m beginning to sort through my camping gear, which is scattered between the basement and garage, for the stuff we’ll need. My good sleeping bag, backpack, propane burner, and first aid kit are all AWOL (lent out and never returned) so I’ve been eyeballing the sales at REI and Backcountry for new gear. I scored a good sleeping bag on sale last week and now I’m on the hunt for the other stuff, as well as some toys to make the trip more fun. I figure having some walkie-talkies would be cool, and maybe laser tag, and I need to get the kids some flashlights. And another fishing pole. And some basic fishing tackle…

Next I need to dig our tent out and see if we can fit three comfortably inside; otherwise I’ve got to add that to the list. I think it will be OK, but it’s been a couple of years and I just don’t remember. Rob had some camping gear packed away that Karean is going through now, but she’s also waiting for me to send a list along for what we’ll need.

Elsewhere, I’m sending the deposit back for our beach rental today, which I delayed for too long, but feels good to get those plans underway too.

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