My iPhone is now over three years old and the battery life has been getting progressively worse over the last six months. It’s included in Apple’s replacement program, so I made an appointment on Tuesday to go into the store and have it swapped out. In the meantime, I had it with me in the backyard as I was raking leaves on Saturday, and stupidly placed it on top of one of the bags while I adjusted my fleece. the bag toppled over and my phone hit the sidewalk with a crunch: the screen blew up into a million pieces. Amazingly, it still worked!

At the store they were backed up so I had to leave it overnight for a screen replacement, and now that I’ve got it back, it seems to be working well. The battery feels like it’s still draining quickly but it’s got more life than it did.

* * *

I’m working on plans for shooting lots of video and photos in the next three weeks: I’ve got a dinner photo shoot followed by an early morning event shoot next week. The week after that I’ve got a full-day video shoot designed as a follow-on to the NCE video I made in London two years ago, which Jen is going to come down and help me with. The week after that I’m in Colombia shooting more video for a bike-sharing project, which should be a real adventure. I’ll have a new Canon 5D Mk4 to work with, and I’m renting a DJI Osmo to shoot crowd scenes while we’re there, and I’ll be with a co-worker who speaks Spanish so that I’ve got help with the language barrier.

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