There’s been a lot of small stuff going on around the big stuff, so I’ll just list it out here.

  • Last weekend I got my first haircut since cancer. Things look MUCH better now.
  • The event I shot at the National Geographic Society this past week went off without a hitch. Mae Jemison was amazing.
  • I shot with a Canon 5D Mk4 at the event, and I am in love with that camera. More on that later.
  • Today we washed and vacuumed both of our cars for the first time since cancer. What a difference.
  • Speaking of cars, the CR-V has been off the road for weeks with sketchy brakes. It now has new calipers on the front and things are much better.
  • Tomorrow my Scout friends are going to stop over and we’re going to finish up the rear drums and leak test the system. Hopefully Peer Pressure will be on the road by Sunday evening.
  • I’m going in to the hospital this Wednesday for a 4-month cancer checkup, CAT scan, and general update.
  • Jen is going to be my production assistant at the shoot in DC this Thursday: she’s learning how to shoot video and I will be grateful to have her there with me.
  • I’m officially headed off to Colombia in two weeks to shoot video for one of the programs at WRI.
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