New Years Day: I woke up at 8, and made eggs, bacon, and toast at 9:30 for the family. By 11:30 I was laying in bed again and napped for an hour. I had some lunch and then sat on the couch, sore, tired, and unmotivated. I don’t feel like doing a fucking thing. It’s too cold, I’m too sore, and I can’t really get up to much anyway. I’m not supposed to lift anything over 10 lbs., which is pretty much anything but a glass of water. Jen found a rice compress for my arms yesterday and I used that multiple times. It felt good for a while and then whatever was going on with my arms basically started ignoring it. More Tylenol, please. I have resolved that I will bundle up and get outside for a daily walk around the block or two, simply because laying around is just making me sore and bored.

We finished The Order of The Phoenix yesterday and celebrated by watching the movie over dinner. It’s amazing how much of the books had to be removed from the movies to speed things along, but I get it. 800+ pages of stuff isn’t going to condense neatly into a two hour movie. I ordered The Half Blood Prince from Amazon last night, as it’s the only one we don’t own, and we’re all itching to see what happens next. Meanwhile, the Ravens gave away their playoff hopes to the fucking Bengals. I’m glad I didn’t watch the whole game, honestly. I haven’t seen that many dropped balls since I taught Finley how to catch.

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