There’s not much to write about around here, really. I’ve spent the last two weeks getting as much exercise as my body will tolerate, sleeping a lot, playing Fallout 4, eating, and trying to stay warm in this frozen hellscape we call Maryland. Today I’m gingerly working from home to prepare for next week, when I physically shuffle back in to the office. Yesterday we played an extended game of hooky for MLK day and saw Coco in the theater. I would recommend it to anyone; it was another great Pixar movie.

Today I ordered a shitload of tile for the upstairs bathroom. Now I have to figure out how to order the heating system we need. This will probably involve me driving to one of their dealers to advise me on the correct amount of materials; the heating unit uses one cable that snakes under the floor which has to be the correct length: it can’t be cut if it’s too long.

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