Yesterday I did fuck-all at home. Sat on the couch, ate, watched Netflix.

This morning I took a shower, and before I got in I peeled off the last fresh gauze from the hospital over the drain hole in my stomach, still expecting to see purplish entrails come pouring out. Nope. Looks like it’s healing over. But, EEEEEWWWW.

While I was in the shower I shaved off the disgusting Fu-molester-Chu I’d been growing in the hospital. So much better. Today it flurried slightly in the morning, but the sun came out and we went out and get some lunch together. It felt good to walk around in the real air. Some friends came by to pick up Finn and take her to the aquarium for the afternoon. I commenced to play about 5 hours of Fallout 4 and now my eyeballs hurt.

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