I’m laying here in bed at 7:11 after having a little rice and rotisserie chicken brought by our neighbors (god bless them). I haven’t eaten much today other than a muffin in the morning and some pasta when we got back home. Something about the plasticky smell of the tubing in the hospital got up into my nose and shut my appetite off cold turkey. After eating a small bowl, all I wanted to do was go upstairs and lay down. This is due, in part, to the chemo but also due to a neurontin pill I took that will hopefully reduce some of the bottom system issues I spoke about yesterday. So I feel pretty foggy right now. I was also convinced to take an Immodium tablet to try and consolidate all deliveries to one dropoff after we saw the chemo doc overseeing my treatment and he looked me over. As I’ve said before, there’s no dignity with cancer. I’m checking that at the door every day.

Overall he’s happy with the way I’m tolerating this treatment and has a positive outlook on things. We like him a lot. We also love our radiologists, who have been attentive, explanatory, and helpful with their specialty and other stuff far outside of it: scheduling, general questions, and navigating the hospital system. I’ll miss them on Wednesday, because tomorrow is my last day on the big spinning table, I get to ring the bell, and we don’t have to go back there anymore.

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