Today the UPS man left me my prescription for next week’s festivities and a large insulated box Karean sent with a chicken pot pie, which Finn and I promptly ate for dinner. NOM NOM NOM. I also had a friend stop by after dinner with a growler of the Belgian Dubbel we brewed a couple of weeks ago, and we stood around the kitchen and drank beer and caught up, and that was really great. Renie sent me a lovely gray hat just in time for all of my hair to fall out (or me to shave it off, whichever comes first) that is warm and comfortable. A couple of days ago another friends’ mom stopped by to drop off some soup, a book for Finn, and a copy of People Magazine from 1989 which is some of the most hilarious reading I’ve done all year.

This situation sucks, and I don’t want to do this, but everyone we know has been amazing, truly supportive, and I often don’t feel like I deserve it. But I am thankful and humbled and can’t imagine how we could do this by ourselves.

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