Radiation day 18 is over with. Yesterday we applauded as a man rang a big round bell in the waiting area; it was his last day of treatment. We’ve made waiting room friends with the other folks whose appointments bookend ours; there are people with all kinds of cancer who have told us about their situations.

My appetite has been strong even if my stomach hasn’t. I’ve varied between having little to no nausea since chemo started, but my guts are pissed from all the abuse they’re suffering during treatment. This means things are happening at a more frequent pace and the suffering is rolling downhill. Let’s just say I’m taking great care when I sit down. We talked to a nurse after treatment and she gave us some good advice that seems to be working. Meanwhile the Neulasta I’m on to up my blood cell count made my upper back and sternum ache in time with my heartbeat; it felt like someone was standing on my chest all day yesterday.

Yesterday Jen was out running errands and brought me back a burrito from Qdoba with chips and guac for lunch, which was the most awesome tasting burrito I’ve ever had even though it was mediocre.

I’ve been keeping Stranger Things on a slow drip all week so I can savor the awesome; I just finished episode 5 this evening. So far I like how they’ve extended out the series, what they did with the characters, and where they’re going with the storyline.

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