Today I slept in, to about 8 or so when the light coming through the shades finally woke me up. I had homemade pancakes for breakfast, from a batch Jen made on Thanksgiving morning. I had a cup of coffee, which tasted good again.

After we got our collective day started, I went outside into balmy 60˚ weather and opened up the garage. Inside, the Scout hadn’t been run up in over a month (since radiation and chemo began) so I squirted some starter fluid into the carb, unhooked the trickle charger and got her rumbling out in the sunshine. The lifters all ticked at first and then calmed right down into a slow burbly idle, and I kept her running for about 10 minutes until the temperature gauge came up to normal. While that was happening I pulled the hose carts in for the winter, tucked the grille in under the porch, and replaced the old, fraying tarp out on the woodpile with a shiny new one.

At about 2 our neighbor the electrician came over to rewire some of the stuff he’d put in years ago before we reoriented the bathroom. While he was up there Jen and I took a walk downtown for coffee to get out of the house, and took the long way back home. The sun and the air tasted so good I just wanted to drink it.

By 4:30 he’d done as much as he could do; we have to narrow the closet opening by about 4″ to allow for switchboxes on either side (2 for shower light and fan, one for closet light). He’s going to put an outlet under the front two windows and another under the back two windows. There are a couple of other small things to wrap up, but drywall is much closer to getting done than it was.

After dinner, the girls went down the street to see Santa visit Catonsville with the neighbors. When they got back we all got into PJs and read Chapter 2 of The Order of the Phoenix together; Finn is in a total Harry Potter place right now that will not be interrupted by anything other than The Last Jedi in a couple of weeks. We’ve got a nice thing going where we each read three pages aloud to each other until we finish a chapter. I think I look forward to that part of the day most of all.

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