I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, all things considered. We were able to get up and out the door to radiation with minimal fuss, and everything went smooth. We had a quick consult with my radiation doc, who seems to think things are going really well. Then we headed back home where my appetite kicked in hard.

Overnights have been OK, and I was sleeping better on the weekend knowing I could stay in bed late, but last night after getting up to use the bathroom it took about an hour to go back to sleep. This is in part due to the anti-nausea meds I’m on and also because I couldn’t talk myself down from feeling angry about everything. I decided I’d try to focus on the things I want to do in the future after I get past this, and that seemed to help me calm down. That and having Trixie curled up next to my hip.

Sunday was spent mostly on the couch. I went through all of my camera bags and attempted to organize their contents by system and then by category. I got most of the way done before getting tired and watching football. I took it as a good sign when I saw ads for cheeseburgers and beer and my mouth watered, even though I’ve had a funny taste in it since Thursday.

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