Chemo was tough. I felt like shit during the infusion and for the rest of the day afterwards. We were sprung from the hospital at 2 and made it all the way home just for the nurse to call me and tell me she’d forgotten to give me my Neulasta, so we had to get in the fucking car and drive all the way back to the hospital for a 5-minute procedure. Thanks, asshole. The Neulasta is going to be administered via a robot needle glued to the back of my arm sometime around 6:15 this evening, and will hopefully increase my white blood cell count.

I made it back home and got right into bed and napped for the rest of the afternoon. One of our friends left me Pho on the front doorstep and I had some of that for dinner before crashing out again.

Feeling so weak sucks. This is not normal for me and I don’t like it at all.

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