I’m at the halfway point on radiation treatments as of tomorrow. Chemo was different today. I lost much of my appetite after they hooked me up, and the anti-nausea meds knocked me out for another two hours on the bed. I ate a little bit of risotto there, and then proceeded to yank my needle out as I was shifting around after a bathroom break. OUCH. Exactly the thing I’ve been trying to avoid this whole time. Luckily there was only about 10cc. of chemo meds left to go, so they just cleaned me up and we headed for home.

This afternoon I’ve been weak and spacy. Not hungry, which is alarming for me.

The wonderful folks at WRI left a gigantic package on our front doorstep last night that we broke into this afternoon. They sent all kinds of things, like socks and cookies and funny books and a Pac-Man game and a hat and chaga tea and queasy drops. On top were three different cards with signatures. Man, I needed that today.

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