Day two is just about over. I asked for classic rock from the techs in the radiology lab and got an old AC/DC tune called If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It), Crazy Train, and Enter Sandman. Maybe I won’t ask for classic rock again.

We were able to reschedule all of the rest of the chemo appointments to earlier in the day, basically right after radiation, so there’s about 15 minutes between where we can get a latte and a muffin and then queue up in an (almost) empty room at 8:15–a far cry from yesterday at 12, where it was like a cattle pen in there. We had our choice of bed, got hooked up to fluids at 8:40, and I’m done by 12:30. I’m feeling lightheaded and foggy today, moreso than yesterday, but my stomach doesn’t burn because I took some Prilosec before they started the infusion.

Last night I was up a lot to pee out the radiation, and it was hard to get back to sleep. We are told this is due to one of the anti-nausea medications I’m on, so I’ll have to keep a watch on how much sleep I’m getting and make sure I get enough. Also, having the needle in was no big deal! I didn’t roll over on it, the cats didn’t jump on it, and Finley didn’t hug it out the other side of the vein. So, my subconscious fears were unrealized.

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