I visited the Orthopedic physician on Friday to get a clear diagnosis on my leg, and Finley followed me into the exam room to make sure the doctor was taking good care of me. He poked and prodded my foot, bent it in several directions, and went to look at the X-rays. When he came back, he shrugged and told us that a teeny little bit of bone was chipped off, but it was mainly a sprain and would heal up in a couple of weeks. I put the boot back on, we drove back home, I took the boot off, and I haven’t worn it since. It’s tender but if I don’t hop, pivot, or plant on it, it’s fine. Sunday I mowed the front lawn in a pair of Chuck Taylors. So with care, I’m going to keep walking on it, get it stronger, and continue with the plan.


Our weekend was mostly quiet. Finn and I hit the neighborhood easter egg hunt on Saturday morning, where the bigger kids are outnumbering the smaller kids, and I caught up with the parents of various kids we know. I spent the first hour hiding a hangover behind sunglasses, because I’d sampled a heavy beer with my neighbor the night before. Finley found a bunch of friends and ate a lot of candy and I gradually felt more human until it was time to leave. In the evening we walked back over for a screening of Fantastic Beasts under the stars, and made it home just in time to miss a thunderstorm.

Sunday we hit church for Easter service and celebrated the resurrection with some barbecue. Our fridge is on the fritz again–it had iced itself up completely–so we stuck our food in coolers while we defrosted it overnight. But after scrubbing out the mess and turning it back on, we found that it’s not cooling down enough. This echoes a problem we had last year when the main circulating fan died, but I verified that it’s still working correctly. I did some sleuthing and futzed with the controls and the main damper valve, and we’ll see if that helps.

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