This weekend’s big projects involved lots of paint. I ordered a new sprayer from Amazon last week and picked up paint for the front door and the shutters early Sunday morning, and got to work. First the front door came off, got cleaned, taped, and dried in preparation for several coats of red. Our last door was brush-painted, and being a metal-jacketed door, the paint showed every brushstroke. This is no fault of the painter, because red paint is pigment-heavy. The new door was just as difficult to paint: I couldn’t get the red to aerosolize enough to go on smoothly, so it looks like I painted the door with bedliner. Sigh.


Next up were the shutters. Exterior primer goes on a lot smoother, and all four shutters got two coats of it and dried in the sun. In between coats, I started scraping and priming the back windowframes, which haven’t been touched in 10 years. Then I started pulling the storm windowframes out so that I could access legacy shutter hinges left behind in all of the second-story windows. As it turns out, a set of hinges for each shutter would cost more than we paid for the shutters themselves. (For the record, they are known either as Bermuda or Parliament lift-off hinges).The frames angle outwards, making it impossible to get a screwdriver straight on the screws, so it took time to pull the windows out, unscrew the frames, get the hinges out, and screw everything back in. I got all but two left-hand hinges out, and as it turns out there are only two left on the house. It’s also a minor miracle the hinge pins even fit the hinges that came with the shutters–even though the house hinges are 1/2″ smaller on both sides.

Painted shutters

Monday I got back outside and coated the shutters with black paint, which went on smooth but thick. There doesn’t seem to be any flow control on my sprayer, unlike the old one I had, but I cleaned up the drips with a brush and covered them over carefully with the finish coat. From the road nobody will see the imperfections.

In the meantime, all of the hardware has been soaking in diesel fuel in the garage, and years of lead paint sloughed off with a few shakes. I need to find a way to soak the shutter hooks–the arms mounted to the bottom that swing out and drop into a metal pocket on the sill–to get them as clean as the hinges.

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